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Full Disclosure - We are not a sustainable ratings company or blog. We are a sustainable + digital + social shopping and commerce platform. 

We act as resellers of wholesale products for our sustainable fashion and digital fashion eco-brand partners and /or manufacture our own innovative eco-products.

We do not charge brands or other companies for our ratings or our data or our brands for affiliate marketing. We pay for marketing and advertising, share in profits and losses across multiple channels to raise sustainability and digital awareness, create fair wage jobs, support the green circular economy, generate prosperity for partners and our employees, and deliver exceptional value and service to you the customer.

We offer a range of ratings, blogs, news and diverse new independent sustainable brands to seasoned pioneers in sustainable fashion all the way to established mainstream players on their green journey to full sustainability. 

We offer a range of cost competitive prices without overdiscounting, again to support fair wages and a real green circular economy.


Thanks for reading and eco-shopping with us!

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