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Environmental Impact at Free Spirit Brands

✨️ Your Impact!!! ✨️

U helping the Earth! 🌎 Us together! ❤️ 

Balanced Sustainability without sacrificing humankind (ness), freedom or small business.

Free Spirit Brands has partnered with Stripe Climate and will contribute .5% of your purchase to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. 

We’re proud to fund next-generation carbon removal with you together! ♥️ 🌎


Your shopping with us 🛍 will directly help the environment in many ways. More impact partner donations opportunities 💵 to come via purchases up to 5%!  Doing Good & Shopping!! Promoting Conscious Consumerism & Social Responsibility!!! 

Free Spirit Brands partners, T- Shirts 👕 and Hoodies alone, each save a minimum of 65 - 140+ gallons of water 💧 per item. V-Neck T-Shirts are the equivalent of recycling 6 water 🍶 bottles.  ✨️ Free Spirit Brands Eco-Luxury and Eco-Essential Partners, most items are Eco-Crafted 🪡 🧵 - Made to Order to support sustainability practices and limit overstocking. 🔥🔥🔥

Free Spirit Brands leadership team personally participate in MIGreenPower for personal utility contributions 💡 helping to power a sustainable future.

2021 - 2022 YTD as of July 2022.
Free Spirit Brands leadership team - MIGreenPower impact is equivalent to planting 232.69 trees 🌳 or removing 20,441.26 lbs. of CO2.

Free Spirit Brands will partner with DTE Energy and the Michigan Green Power and enroll in the MIGreenPower program for it's manufacturing facilities 🧤, innovation labs 🪄, and offices 🪟.
Free Spirit Brands goal is to attribute 100% of its electricity use to renewable energy through the program by 2023-2024.

*Update 9/2023 - To achieve balanced sustainability across fuel and renewable resources, our long - term goal is to attribute up to 60% of its electricity to renewable energy by 2026.
Through MIGreenPower, Free Spirit Brands will be able to support its community and the environment every day.

✨️ How you can help? ✨️
*Ask your local utility company how you can allocate a percentage of your utility bill to be directed to green energy usage and / or projects.

**Your ceiling fan can help heat 🔥 too.    Changing your ceiling fan's direction to spin clockwise pushes warm air down, helping to heat your home without using more energy.

*** ♻️  Recycle your cans.  On average, one person can reduce up to 89 lbs. of CO₂ emissions annually by recycling their aluminum and steel cans.

****Recycle your old jeans!! 👖 Check out more: https://bluejeansgogreen.org/

Change, Help the Earth Today!
Did you know? Fun Facts!! 🥳 

*1 kWh = 1.6 lbs. of carbon dioxide - DTE Energy

* 2 billion pairs of jeans 👖 are made every year. They use 2million tonnes of chemicals in the process plus 2,630 litres of water - per individual pair of jeans and approximately 1.4 million tonnes of raw cotton. - Glamour Magazine October 2019

*Around 27,000 trees 🌳 are cut down each day.
The world has over 3.04 trillion trees 🌳 in the world. However, 27,000 of them are cut down daily to make toilet 🧻. This translates to about 9.8 million trees annually. One single recycled edition of the New York Times newspaper 📰 could save 75,000 trees. - Keep Prince William Beautiful Association September 2021 👑

* Every three months, Americans throw enough aluminum in the landfills to build our nation’s entire commercial air fleet. 💜 🪖✈️ 🇺🇸

Recycling one aluminum can save enough energy to run a TV 📺 for three hours. During the time ⏰️ it takes you to read this sentence, 50,000 12-ounce aluminum cans are made. - Keep Prince William Beautiful Association September 2021

*Recycling one glass bottle saves enough energy to power a normal light bulb 💡 for about four hours. 
While glass 👓 🥛does not decompose easily, recycling ♻️  it might be more beneficial to the environment. The recycling of one glass bottle not only saves energy but the energy saved can also power a normal light bulb 💡 for about four hours. - Keep Prince William Beautiful Association September 2021 👑

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