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We, The People.
The Forum. @NextYap.
Hold your own. 18+

Your place for the next level yaps convos groups links ++. Come join us think, have fun, and chill with The People. The Forum @ NextYap.

Open & Private - Members & Group-based Social Media - Integrate Your Platforms.  You Control Content, Data, Privacy, Ads. Members Earn $.

The Social Media Revolution is Here.

Connect. Learn. Chill. Video - Audio Calls. Virtual Worlds. Group Private Chats. Breakout Rooms. Dial-In. Reactions. Broadcast Streams. Share Files - Screens. Live Radio. Monetization. Revenue Sharing. And More+. 

Where The People, Data, Privacy, Content and All Thoughts Matter.

Content, Groups, Privacy - Your Way.

Join the conversation and make your voice heard or just listen in.   


Post to Forums. Create or Join Groups. Create or Join Virtual Worlds.  All Topics Welcome and Matter. Say No to Censors or Cancel culture. Say No to your Data and Content being sold without consent or $ sharing. Say Yes to Freedom. 18+ Only.  Adulting.


Create Visual and Audio group conference calls with chat, virtual worlds, with reactions, multiple media posting options, polls, and more.

Market yourself or business via your member profile if desired or stay low key. 


Integrate your other content and or groups in one jump off place. Content / Group Management at its finest.

Simple Plans - Open Integrations

Just $2 per month. 60 Day Free Trial.  Access & Control. Control your content, monetize your content, earn for member invites, contribute your thoughts and control your privacy, data, and ads.

Manage your one or multiple member profiles as private, public or anonymous. Contribute to Forums, Share your Content, Connect with other like minded members via individual or group chat, email, phone etc. right from one spot.

Open, Embed and Integrate your Twitter Spaces / X, Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, Club House, Fanbase, Riff, Rumble, Discord, Telegram and other platforms from one point. Best of all platforms in one. 

Bring them all together. Whatever works for you.

Monetize Your Content & Referrals

Member Invites - Referrals receive 40% payouts bonus of the monthly subscription fee per new Member - Referral Invite for 24 months. *more details enclosed.


Ex. New Member - Referral - Sign - Up - $2 / month - Referral Payout - $ .80 per referral.  100 New Members Referrals = $80 per month payout.

All Members Welcome - Monetize your content or groups with subscriptions, events - virtual or in person, courses etc. or receive paywall links for your creatives or information. Platform fee = 15% of fees. You set your pricing. Tips, product sales and direct payments are yours, no fee applies.

Watch Ads - Yes or No. Get Paid. Revenue Sharing with Creators and Members to Watch. More Coming.

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