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Eco-Custom Orders!!

How It Works

Dear Valued Customer! - Thank You!

Made to Order - Eco-Custom Requests:
See a stylish fashion design or sustainable designer or brand you really like? Thinking of something new? Want a different color, material, slightly different style, perhaps monogrammed, or your dream outfit? 
We have top sustainable designers, ready to serve and eco-craft your request made to order!
Send us an email to custom@1freespiritbrands.com and we will confirm, route order to best fit sustainable designer, send invoice for approval, eco-craft your item and ship it directly to you! Made to Order. Eco-Crafted. Limited Stock and Diversity of Fabrics may apply. Just get in touch! We are here to serve!

Eco-Custom T-Shirts - Hoodies:
Please enter the Eco-Custom item order number # received on your order receipt.  Attach an image file to this email.  You will receive a confirmation email.

You will receive an invoice if you have not pre-paid for an Eco-Custom item. Please attach file and instructions.  Please approve invoice to confirm and purchase order.  
If you have any questions, please contact custom@1freespiritbrands.com.
Thank you! Enjoy!

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