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What's your size?
Get your body measurements instantly, outfit to size. Shop. 
Reduce returns & waste, Save $$$. 

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1: Upload a Picture or Take One.2: Enter your height.3: Click Measure.

Size Measurementswill appear. *

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The Outfit - Body Digital Sizer - X - EcoNextFashion

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*Terms - $7.99 purchase of one-time usage subscription to digital outfit body sizer tool X EcoNextFashion for 1 week - 7 days.  Unlimited pictures and measurements per user for 1 week - 7 days.  Pictures and measurements are not saved after digital processing.  Please save, print or download your digital measurements.  Measurements are close estimations to actual measurements. Sizes of different body parts are processed as best seen and interpreted by tool, all body sizes may not be listed if not seen in picture.

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